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hey Guys is it only me?? or is there a case of Throttle Fever going around.....especially here in New England were we have to winterize our's time baby shake off that bike cover and start up that bad boy and scare the hell out of those spiders nesting in your exhaust........:yikes:
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Don't Climb MT Washington it will do a tune on yor bike and take years off your life...............:yikes:
never mind the nerve shaking nearly 80 degree Incline AHHHHHHH
it was a nice one out here in NewEngland today...
close to 70 degrees on Friday....
run it with your old one?
i have no choice but wait with my freakin work schedule
probably not until MAY
can't do sundays.......
not if that's my only day off
not for me I'm locked up at work for another 3-4 weeks aHHHHHHHHH..:yikes:
you riding yours to work?
that's really wanna get fly ASh all over it.......? my damn computer is so slow it make me wanna :mix:
well things are starting to wined down at work and soon they'll be laying us off for the summer.......awh shucks not the summer off what shall i do? Ride the freakin wheels of my Bike comes to mind...just got her registered yesterday and rain is in the forecast for the next freakin 5 days.AAHHHHHH
It's about Freaking time.......looks like tomorrow will be the last Saturday for a long time and were getting back into the 40hr work week again starting Monday.........and maybe even a lay off before memorial Day weekend..can we say ride the freaking wheels of that bitch................yeeehaaaa!~
Check In HAMMER >>>>>>>CHECK IN
Hammer get that F*@K'n Bike done..........going riding tomorrow It's going to be a good day........see what your missing you could have been out riding with the Guys........
motoman said:
:readng: This thread is:lol: Hey BULLITT haven't seen you out and about for awhile. HAMMER has something brewing from what I hear and knowing him its going to be something crazy:2cents:

you must be hiding in the closet from that last time we had an encounter...let's just say i won and you didn't.I've been out believe that, You just can't see me cause you sooooooo sloooooooowww......:yesnod:
gixxer1333 said:
:skep: I wouldnt say that about MOTOMAN. The guy has a very nicely done Gixxer.:scratch:

I only speak from experience.............
that's my Gixxxer on the avatar were's his???
1 - 20 of 111 Posts
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