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hey Guys is it only me?? or is there a case of Throttle Fever going around.....especially here in New England were we have to winterize our's time baby shake off that bike cover and start up that bad boy and scare the hell out of those spiders nesting in your exhaust........:yikes:
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gixxer1333 said:
:readng: I am checking my calender and it seems it will be the first weekend in April.......It's going to be a long ride throught the White Mountains of New Hampshire by the back roads but for know nothing is set in stone.
Yeah, i use to drive through there to go skiing in Vermont and NH. Awesome stuff. The Man on the Mountain? Did they ever fix him?
I haven't seen one pic of the group or at least a bike with a "KRU" sticker on it.
gixxer1333 said:
:readng: Where do you get your info? Never made stickers.:bonk:
OK, where's the pic then?
1 - 3 of 111 Posts
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