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hey Guys is it only me?? or is there a case of Throttle Fever going around.....especially here in New England were we have to winterize our's time baby shake off that bike cover and start up that bad boy and scare the hell out of those spiders nesting in your exhaust........:yikes:
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........and they say I am wacked....:scratch:
he is crazy

hey I talked to the guy at the airbrush place saturday on the phone to confirm my appointment and I asked him about that dumb nickname you say you gave him and he said that name was used by him 15 years ago when he did graffiti and he also said hes not part of any group so why are you telling people he's the sarg at arms...:scratch: :flush:
Ask him face to face
oh I will this week my brother is going to truck my bike down
I asked him a few questions ever since I got that last message from you
!!!! ...I read a few posts about you ...
Whats the matter cat , got your tongue !!!! Im not a stupid girl !!!!
Not at all. I approached him and asked him to join. He said because he has a shop he could not join any club that has to do with cars or motorcycles because that what he sells. Then a few months back he was the one that said " I will become a member". I was the one that made him the sarg. I hope he explains everything to you as I am saying it to you now.
This is way to much. I hope my name gets cleaned. I see this subforum is coming to an end.
Hammer i leave for a few days and look what happens........what the hell is going on???
About the use of aol I am at a members house. The Brazilian. The busa.
well hammer he still told me on the phone he was not a memeber at all and he had no idea how many members there are,so dont say hes the sarge at arms ....what ever that means ...
101 - 111 of 111 Posts
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