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Few Kauai Pictures

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Been spendings major time sucking down local drinks on beach, eating hour old Sushi:cheers: Found sometime to take in few sites:dthumb:
Next week renting Harley:crazy:
First water fall on Grand Canyon of Kauai, second ran into by chance.
Bird hangs out at resort staying at.
Beach picture my surfing beach:cheers:
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Jetski..I never realized how much I hate you until your last few threads... YOU SUCK :damn:


Looks nice though... where exactly is that?
OK... I be dumb... it is one of the Hawai islands... very cool!
Hey Jetski... is that blue bird in the wild or did you see it at a zoo of some kind??
:wtf: YOU'RE STILL THERE!!! :damn: you suck!!
jeeps84 said:
Guess you'll be heading back to sunny Cal.:lol:
Ya what a life!!
1 - 5 of 19 Posts
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