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I used to respect the Chicago Sun-Times, but no more. Mr. Steinberg's article about motorcyclists is full of errors.

"Why are there many more heart transplants performed in the summer than in the winter?" I hunted for this information but could only find it listed by year. He may be right.

"You can't have heart transplants without donors, and motorcycles -- ridden in the summer but not in the winter -- are a great source of fresh, young, otherwise healthy organs." Pure bull. First of all, I ride my bike winter and summer. Secondly, "Donors have often died as a result of an automobile accident, a stroke, a gunshot wound, suicide, or a severe head injury." (from Medical College of Wisconsin, Healthlink).

"No sooner do I conjure up the image of Hog King Neil, racing his bike down the open road, 'Born to Be Wild' blaring on my personal soundtrack, than it is replaced by the twig, or pothole, or whatever would send me flipping into the guardrail, the flash of which would be my last sight on Earth." Firstly, If every motorcyclist who hit a pothole or twig flipped into a guardrail, every motorcyclist would be dead. Secondly, Mr. Steinberg obviously drives his car with a soundtrack, but since he's never been on a motorcycle, he can't know that there is no soundtrack.

"Besides, there are already too many dumpy middle-aged guys racing on motorcycles, dreaming they're something they're not." First of all, I'm past middle-age, I'm not dumpy, and I never dream when I'm on my bike, but most of the SUV drivers do when they are on the phone. Secondly, how does he know that middle-aged riders are racing on motorcycles. Motorcycle deaths have gone up because of the rapid rise of SUV's on the road.

I don't see any facts to this article. Mr. Steinberg or his editor should have checked the facts before they published this garbage.
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