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My response to idiot...

Here is what I emailed that clown, even if he never reads it I hope that you all enjoy it:

---------- Forwarded Message -----------
From: "double" <[email protected]>
To: [email protected]
Sent: Thu, 23 Sep 2004 13:21:21 -0600
Subject: Response to your article - Hop on a motorcycle, fill out your donor

"Besides, there are already too many dumpy middle-aged guys racing on
motorcycles, dreaming they're something they're not."

Your article clearly shows your feeble attempt to baffle us with bs due to
an obvious lack of talent. It is quite apparent that the Chicago Sun-Times
has very low standards on whom they hire and let write for them. It is also
quite apparent that they must have a "Hire a junkie to write ignorant
articles" program to get them out of the methadone clinic and off the street
for 10 minutes a day. I would highly recommend that this program cease, as
it is a failure, and that they institute drug testing effective immediately.

I am a sportbike owner, something you writers might call a Japenese
bike "built for speed". I am quite tired of your pointed ignorant articles
on this subject. I ride with quite a few different people and talk to
people all over the country about riding motorcycles. The way you blow
the "built for speed" and how everyone that rides a motorcycle is a lunatic
is quite pathetic. I can count on one finger how many tickets have been
issued to every rider in our club this year - 1 total - not 1 each. If what
you say is true, why haven't we received more tickets? - maybe we
are "ninja" riders and haven't been caught yet? Maybe the Police are color
blind to the Honda Red or Yamaha Blue or Kawasaki Green that is blaringly
obvious to the normal non-cop human eye. Nobody in my riding circle has
died or has donated any organs this year. Why don't you look at how many
bloated too much money middle aged men drive sport cars and donate organs
from them as well. I am sure you would find the number is quite higher than

Instead of showing your ignorance and writing about something that you don't
have a clue about - next time write about pathetic regret driven unfulfilled
absolutely no ability or talent whatsoever middle aged men who write for the
Chicago Sun-Times. That way your article would be definitely about
something you have a full and complete knowledge about. Or you could take
the easy route and just go back to being a homeless junkie on the Chicago
streets, that would most definitely suit you much better.

This has been a public service message brought to you by the Motorcycle
Riding Mfrs of America. TY & FY.
------- End of Forwarded Message -------

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Pigface1 said:
I'd be amazed if he has the attention span to make it to the end, but I hope he gets to the sign-off at least: TY & FY. :lol:
Yeah that is my favorite part.. :thumbs:

Matt, dude, that is an awesome letter. I wish I could have been so eloquent and had written a letter of that great magnitude summing up the thoughts of all riders but I couldn't resist to take the low road on this one. F***ing clown deserved some serious bashing.


Plus it was more fun!!! :dthumb:

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I think I just had a revelation - ShanMan14 is not the same person as Kdogg? All this time I thought it was. Kdogg is from bama and posts on WOS - which he hasn't lately - where has he been? and I just assumed the two were one in the same until I saw the copy of the email sent to NS that said "From: Eric". :eek: Wow. So do you know Kdogg?

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Gas Man said:
Again, if you're not going to put the crack pipe down at least share! :lol:
lol.. I quit the pipe when Rick James cashed in.. Yeah the meetings get kind of interesting sometimes..

Twisty - post the letter here that you sent to Mr. A-hole. Twisty sent him one and I spit out my coffee it was so damn funny. Very very true but hilarous as well. I am printing his letter and framing it for future reference. lol..

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I am still pissed - that was no bloody retraction or apology - Neil can f'ing blow me that self righteous bloated prick. Let me go throw on 3 pairs of jogging pants, run 2 miles in the dessert sun and then he can blow me. That is BS! What an a-hole.
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