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FINALLY...anybody with carb trouble,check this out!

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Well, after many,many,many times takin the bike apart and adjusting the carbs,I finally got'em right! I finally found some pages on the Factory Pro site that delt w/ tunin Mikuni's,MAN what a difference in information.Even if you don't realize you got problems,chances are somthin isn't set right,at least w/Mikuni's. Tried callin/e-mailin Dynojet and got no response,but Factory Pro has it all right there on the site.Wish I went with them from the start.
From the show-room floor my new ZZR never seemed to run quite right.Couldn't put my finger on it,was hard to believe that with the brand new bike I bought,I couldn't ride as well and didn't run as well as the 97' ZX600R I had just gotten rid of.Did all the normal hop-ups and still only got worse;low power off the line,uneven RPM's at part throttle-very unsettling goin around corners,gurglin at deceleration and light roll-on,none of it was super pronounced but was definitely there! Anywhoo finally went by thier directions and found my float height was WAY WAY low(making fuel level high),causing all sorts of weird conditions.Nothing seemed to do what it was supposed to do when I made a change,untill I set the float level! I even checked the FUEL level a while ago and couldn't get an accurate reading in the tube,I left it be cause they were all even atleast and thought from the factory,"how bad/off can they be?".After I got the floats to be where they should(F.P. directions tell you how),THEN everything would do what it was supposed to do showing rich or lean in whatever circuit,then I could adjust as needed. Now she run great,amazing the difference in the way it does everything,shifts better,nice and smooth around corners,very predictable and conrollable throttle response,idles around town real nice,off-the-line is like a breeze,and man is she fast...Anyways...if you know your way around a tool box and you think you might have an issue,take a look at that site,you might be missin out on a whole lotta performance
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glad to see you got that fixed JEKYLL! lucly for me I done with the carbs...fuel injection for me from now on.
Thanks for the information. I'll look into that for my perceived rich condition.
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