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Mudpuppy's campaign got a boost when some of the Legislators in Michigan woke up to the common man's common sense campaign...

State considers change to self-defense statute

Bills would allow homeowners to use deadly force

Several years ago, William "Dick" Turner and his wife came home to find people robbing their Kimball Township home.

The thieves stole several guns and were going through jewelry when the Turners interrupted them, he said. The robbers ran out the back door.

"I felt violated," Turner, 73, said. "My wife still doesn't feel safe at home alone."

Since then, Turner has taught his family how to load guns in the home in case they need to protect themselves.

Legislation introduced in the state House would allow residents who feel they are being threatened to use force against an intruder without facing criminal or civil prosecution.

Reaction to the proposed law is mixed.

The legislation, introduced by state Reps. Tom Casperon, R-Escanaba, and Rick Jones, R-Grand Ledge, will allow a resident to use whatever force they feel necessary, including deadly force, if they feel threatened while someone is committing a crime. The legislation is not clear what constitutes "being threatened." It is in committee in the House.

The proposed legislation is similar to a Florida law, which took effect Oct. 1, that gives residents the right to defend themselves in public places.

Under Michigan's present law, people being attacked must first retreat before responding.

"I wouldn't run away, it's my house," Turner said. "If I could get to a gun, I would protect myself or my wife."

Critics of the legislation said the bills allow people to take the law too freely into their own hands...

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It doesn't allow people to take the law into their own hands! It allows them to defend themselves and their property from these scum of the earth! F' them! If somebody comes into my house and I'm there! They're getting a shotgun blast to the chest! End of story! With it loaded with buck shot, if I hit them, their chances of survival is minimal, cause I'm not calling for any medical for them! A dead robber can't talk!

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bumblebee said:
Under Michigan's present law, people being attacked must first retreat before responding.
I'd retreat by taking one step backward just a split second before squeezing the trigger.
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