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Link here

By CHRISTINA NUCKOLS, The Virginian-Pilot
© January 22, 2005

RICHMOND — A motorist having a heart attack while stuck in traffic in the Midtown Tunnel could have a long wait for an ambulance.

Portsmouth emergency officials think they have a solution: medics on motorcycles.

City leaders are seeking permission from the General Assembly this year to start a “motor medic” team. A Senate panel endorsed the idea Thursday, and the full Senate will vote on the legislation next week.

“It just makes so much sense, you wonder why we haven’t been doing it for a long time,” said Sen. Marty E. Williams, R-Newport News, chairman of the Senate Transportation Committee.

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pickle.of.doom said:
Haha cool.... Have you guys seen the motorcycle tow truck?

here's a pic :)

:wtf: I hope that "trailer" folds up, otherwise that is a waste of a motorcycle for that use. If the trailer is as wide as the car, then the bike can't be used to squeeze past stopped traffic.

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Yeah it totally does. It was developed somewhere in Europe, where traffic is often so bad that a tow truck cannot reach the vehicle needing to be towed, thus they came up with this :) Folds out of the rear bags!

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since you mentioned squeezing through trafic i whanted to know the exact laws about that you can go through on either side of the lane??? you can go on the shoulder of the rode right? anything else idk :tt:
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