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2005 gsxr 750 at 100 miles.
I was surprised to see how many screws it took to undo the right side lower fairing. So i got lazy and check to see if it was possible to change oil/filter without removing it. To my delight, it was indeed possible. I managed to get a filter wrench in to remove it and the filter squeezed between the fairing and over the exhaust headers then back down to the lower front opening. yeah, i know this thread sux without pix. but trust me, the filter comes out easy without removing the fairings.

anyways, the oil was murky dark brown and i found metal shavings on the magnetic tip of the drain plug. i'm using valvoline dino oil 10w40 and will change oil/filter again at 500 miles. I will use valvoline synthetic for the remaining oil change cycles.

i may replace the coolant with redline water wetter. i'm a newbie to orlando, FL and the bike seems to run hot even during 60 degree weather.


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Ya... all of those metal shavings are more normal on a bike that is going thru break in. And changing it again won't hurt it at all!

On the collant... go with Engine Ice!!! trust me... much better!
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