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FJR electronic shifting

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I just read a thing in Motorcyclist, and maybe it's already been discussed here but I didn't find anything in the search. Sorry if it's a :dupe:

The article ade it sound like clutch free shifting with either a thumb/index paddle shifter and the traditional foot shifter just not attached to the gearbox.

thought? opinions? etc? Personally I would rather have the control of the clutch but that's just me.
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I used a paddle knee slapper shifter on a drag bike. That's about the only use I would have for it.
Clutch will remain at my hands.
JK_DILLA said:
i read that in motorcyclist too. Like alot of things, the market will tell if its a good idea or not. Should be ideal for the FJR and its intended purpose. NEVER NEVER NEVER on a sportbike.
The market will tell if we like it or not. Doesn't matter if its any good. Kind of like the Hondamatics.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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