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flat tire

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okay.....i know i dont put any fix a flat.....but do i got to buy a new tire??????

i went to go to work today and the bike was hard to roll.....i looked down and the tire was flat FRONT TIRE

any suggestions on what i do?

i am very tired right now but i am going to look at it after dinner or tomarow and give more details, but i dident run anything over i THINK
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GsxrJack said:
Bull, fill up the tire to 40 psi and mix some dish soap with water and pour it on the tire till you find the leak,

Im not a big fan of patching motorcycle tires, mostly cause i do a lot of high speed runs at the drag strip etc, but let me say this, if a rear tire lets go you have a one in 10 of not crashing, if the front tire lets go you have a zero in ten of not crashing,,,,just my two cents,,,,,,,

:iagree: just put more pressure in the tire than what is needed, then mix water and dish soap (it suds up well). I usually use a sponge or a rag to put the soap on to check for a leak, if you pour the water and soap on you can wash away the suds and may never spot the leak if it's small. Just watch for it to bubble up and there's your problem. Also check your valve stem.
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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