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flat tire

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okay.....i know i dont put any fix a flat.....but do i got to buy a new tire??????

i went to go to work today and the bike was hard to roll.....i looked down and the tire was flat FRONT TIRE

any suggestions on what i do?

i am very tired right now but i am going to look at it after dinner or tomarow and give more details, but i dident run anything over i THINK
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Bull, I have a suggestion for you. Do a pre-ride check BEFORE rolling the bike out of the garage. You should have looked the bike over and seen the flat front tire before you ever moved it. You also want to make sure all of your lights work, check your cables, chain, clutch, throttle, brakes, etc. BEFORE going out for a ride. Just a suggestion that I'm sure you'll find in the MSF manual as well. ;)
bulldog said:
yeah i know......i was in a rush
That can get you killed. Oh, and to find the leak, fill the tire with air and then dip the tire in water and it will bubble at the location of the leak. Since you'll have to remove the wheel anyway to have it fixed, you can just fill the bathtub and dip the tire in the tub (but don't let mom see you do that). Rotate the tire until you see the air bubbles.
Bull, I have to say that I agree with Earl on this one. Like I said in my post, you should have seen the flat tire LONG before you ever tried to move the bike. Motorcycling is not about JUST riding. There is a lot of maintenance and cost involved. You can NOT be in a hurry to do anything when it comes to a motorcycle. As I said before, being in a hurry will kill you. We've all given you suggestions on how to find the leak, but as Jack said, I sure as hell would not ride on a patched front tire. You need to replace it, regardless of how small the leak is. Those tires are the only things connecting you to the road and you ONLY have two of them. You're going to have to buy a new tire if you want to ride. And please, start doing pre-ride checks, do NOT be in a hurry. If you're in a hurry, then just take the cage.
1 - 3 of 23 Posts
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