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flat tire

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okay.....i know i dont put any fix a flat.....but do i got to buy a new tire??????

i went to go to work today and the bike was hard to roll.....i looked down and the tire was flat FRONT TIRE

any suggestions on what i do?

i am very tired right now but i am going to look at it after dinner or tomarow and give more details, but i dident run anything over i THINK
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Find the leak before you freak!!! It could be a simple puncture that can be repaired and you go on, no problems...if it is large hole you need to make a decision considering safety and your tire. If it's a side wall, no brainer, new tire...remember, those tires are the only things keeping you upright and going. You want to ride on them with doubts???
OK to find the leak...Take the front tire off the the bike. Over fill it with air...if it calls for 32-36lbs of air, put in 42... then take the tire next door and lay it down into the kiddie pool and look for the bubbles mark the spot with masking tape and go home and examine the tire closely at the spot and find the puncture...

Yeah, what the Capt said...he beat me to it... :dthumb:
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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