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flat tire

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okay.....i know i dont put any fix a flat.....but do i got to buy a new tire??????

i went to go to work today and the bike was hard to roll.....i looked down and the tire was flat FRONT TIRE

any suggestions on what i do?

i am very tired right now but i am going to look at it after dinner or tomarow and give more details, but i dident run anything over i THINK
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Bull, fill up the tire to 40 psi and mix some dish soap with water and pour it on the tire till you find the leak,

Im not a big fan of patching motorcycle tires, mostly cause i do a lot of high speed runs at the drag strip etc, but let me say this, if a rear tire lets go you have a one in 10 of not crashing, if the front tire lets go you have a zero in ten of not crashing,,,,just my two cents,,,,,,,

1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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