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flat tire

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okay.....i know i dont put any fix a flat.....but do i got to buy a new tire??????

i went to go to work today and the bike was hard to roll.....i looked down and the tire was flat FRONT TIRE

any suggestions on what i do?

i am very tired right now but i am going to look at it after dinner or tomarow and give more details, but i dident run anything over i THINK
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bulldog said:
yeah i figured that but it is troule without a stand
Remember, Egyptians built pyramids without modern
Technology or equipment. You can’t come up with any way to fill it, remove it or test it? I'll tell you what. Since you have reached the end of your rope as a bike owner with this one, I will come over and take it. I think I could find a way to get it fixed.
It might be easier for you to just get a new bike.
Cant never did anything. It is a friggin flat. No disrespect but if you cant handle a flat tire then how can you be sure any other curtail Maintenance has been done?
For a group of guys that worry about what you wear when
out riding. I now see why it is so important. You ride un maintenanced equipment. If a consumable item fails it over :scratch: . Just get out your best leathers because your gonna need them. No disrespect but this is a way of
"biker" life. Brakes , Tires, clutches, Chains ,sprockets, oil, Filter and lights. These are all consumables. They dont have a set time frame of life. We would like for them to last forever but they dont. They need to be fixed, It costs.
I hate to sound like big brother or dad, but what was going through your ninds when you bought. But I see others post "this guy bought a bike just to be cool!" "He cant ride". And crap like that. But then you see a flat tire bring the end of the world out and you want to say look who's talking. Sorry to rant, but a flat?
Please just get it fixed. Start posting about your riding not your woes.
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bulldog said:
hey dog you need to chill the reason i was asking was i whanted to know if there is a way to check without going and takeing off the tire, b/c io dont have a ****in stand

bring me to the end of the world????? you are a ****in moron dude i was just potin that i got a flat and was asking one thing about it ...... i replaced the front tires by myself so obviously i can fix the flat i just dont have money to buy a new ****in tire so i was asking if it can be repaired b/c i wasent sure, so if you dont like me or my posts then **** you and dont come in and post in here
Why all of the name calling? You say I'm a moron, look at your post! You asked about it, peeps gave you ideas and you had a reason for each one why you couldnt do this or do that. Now your a flat tire master because someone pointed out how rediculas this was getting. You dont need to remove the tire or wheel. I would have said you could pump it up and spray it with something while it is on the bike but you couldnt even get it pumped up. So what could anyone suggest to you that you could do? You countered every Idea. All i said was it was a flat, it isnt even a postable comment if your already an expert, (which you were looking far from) before I posted about consumable items. Hey if you know all about fixing and changing them then it should have been a "I had to REPAIR a flat post. Not a "What should I do now"? Can anyone tell me if the rim is hitting the ground, do I need air :scratch: ? I think you got po'ed when you saw how rediculas this was getting. We did five pages of a clutch post, everyone agreed Clutches were bad. So he changed his chain and sprockets instead. I didnt want to see a flat tire go five pages. It is not about "if I dont like you", What kinda crap is that? Grow up. You fire at people like many from your keyboard as if it holds weight. I laugh at it. So if you feel it necessary to do it again feel free. It wont add to your getting help in the future if say your grips wear out what do you do?
Just lighten up and get the tire fixed, you not the first to have a flat. Just the first that needed help on determining if it was a flat or not.
So :cheers: if your old enough. Take things lighter bro.
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bulldog said:
fuk it right now i am so pissed, he dident throw fire at me? in my mind he did so if i get trashed then i trash back i aint gonna LET this fool talk like that to me and not sday nothin about it
I havent lost my cool over you at all. Fire at you, well if pointing out a flat tire is not that big of a deal, then If I were you I would stay away from spilled milk. You have acted like the biggest baby Ive seen. It is no wander you need to have your hand held over a flat tire. I am sorry for not recognizing your youth prior to my post. If i could give you a tissue I would. It wouldnt fix your tire any quicker, but at least your vision wouldnt be blurred from your tears.
And as far as I dont know nothing about a Chain and sprockett, That is BULL sh!t it's self. A few others were in on this post to give assistance and the majority said Clutch, the end repair was everything but. He did a chain and sprocket set. So keep your nose out of that one. Don't know what I'm talking about? Please. Oh and if you have to
edit all of your posts for the fear of being banned, Dont do it on my account. You cant get under my skin.
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