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Floating your bike

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I was tought when I was really young to float a car, but I had the idea today to learn to float my bike! So I tried it, and I can float it around 5,200 rpm. Is this bad to do on a bike?

FYI- Floating is when the gears on the transmission and engine line up so you can shift w/o having to use a clutch.

My bike is an 05 ZX-6R
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Been doing it for years. It comes with finesse' A little blip of the throttle and pressure on the shifter and click its done.,
bulldog said:
ummmmm we have a clutch for a reason.....maybe for upshifting but dont use it to down shift
Unless your really good "like me" you certainly want your clutch to down shift. It is a little more throttle controll demanding to downshift. Up shift is easy roll off gas, lift toe all at once. Downshift requires speed and rpm to match the lower gear it takes time and a good ear to perform this without looking a fool. :2cents:
Just so you know the "like me" was kind of a joke.

With my Atc 250R I could power up shift and power down shift and bring it all of the way back to first and go back up the gears. It took a while to gain that kind of finness with the throttle. But once you get the feel of your bike it is easy.:dthumb:
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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