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Do you get a flu shot every year?

  • Hell NO!

    Votes: 5 62.5%
  • Everytime, I swear by it!

    Votes: 1 12.5%
  • I have thought of it but never have.

    Votes: 1 12.5%
  • What's that? Never heard of it cause I live under a rock!

    Votes: 1 12.5%

Flu Shot

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Take the poll...

I personally have never got one and won't! PERIOD! I think they are crap! I know too many people that get them and get sick. Some really sick! Like :puke:

The doctors hand this off as a coincedence or some crap. But I'm not buying it! Too many people had it happen...

Screw that I'll take my chances...

What do you guys think?

Also here's a few links discussing it in many different ways...if you're up for some :readng:

Why I never Risk getting The Flu Shot Cause I'm scared I'll Catch the bird flu
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flu sho :leaving:
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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