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Hi, figured I would ask some questions since it's getting cold out and I'm new to track bikes.

1) Should I put anti-freeze/water mix in while it sits in my non-heated garage? Or should I drain the coolant completely? I plan to run water/water wetter mix next season. But I think having water/water wetter right now, will not be good in cold temps right?

2) What's the best motor oil to use for race/track bikes?

3) Best brake fluid, clutch fluid etc....?


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Coolant depends on temperature of your garage. If it gets below freezing for long periods. I would drain and put some antifreeze back in. Just draining could cause seals to dry up. If it just gets close ever once in a while. I wouldn't worry about it.

as for oil and break fluid. Use what your manual recommends. It works great on track as well as street.

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:welcome: I hated you in the movies! :lol: :lol:

Anyway, if it gets really cold in your garage you need to put antifreeze in it... don't just drain it. You will leave pure water in somewhere where you DON'T want it to freeze.

Oil... synthetic and changing it often. In that case you also want to get a Scotts Oil Filter to save money in the long run.

Brake fluid... synthetic and change it at least once a season.

I think that is what Twisty would recommend! :dthumb:
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