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Fluids for trackdays

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Hi, figured I would ask some questions since it's getting cold out and I'm new to track bikes.

1) Should I put anti-freeze/water mix in while it sits in my non-heated garage? Or should I drain the coolant completely? I plan to run water/water wetter mix next season. But I think having water/water wetter right now, will not be good in cold temps right?

2) What's the best motor oil to use for race/track bikes?

3) Best brake fluid, clutch fluid etc....?

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Coolant depends on temperature of your garage. If it gets below freezing for long periods. I would drain and put some antifreeze back in. Just draining could cause seals to dry up. If it just gets close ever once in a while. I wouldn't worry about it.

as for oil and break fluid. Use what your manual recommends. It works great on track as well as street.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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