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Follow Me...Group Rides

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Here is some great info on group riding. Weather you are a novice or new to riding, this is great to read and know.
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Not a bad read... WOS does many things during a group ride and we run a great atmosphere for a group ride.

We do things such as a group talk prior to the ride. A leader, a tail light watcher, and many hand signals!

Yet we still have people go down. No matter how much you talk.. you can't alter a riders mindset. Normally it's newbies that go down and it's cause they just get in too deep. Get into a corner too hot and grab some brake! This happens even after we tell them to "ride their own ride", and "we won't leave anybody behind".

Yet, riding with a group of guys, especially when they are going fast, is intimadating. And newbies are afraid of losing face...
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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