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The frustrating thing with all these statistics is that ... they're meaningless.

If I fall off my bike at 15mph and don't hit my head ... it doesn't matter if I'm wearing a helmet or not.

If I fall at the same speed, and hit a curb with my head, that wearing a helmet thing is going to be a bit more important.

There are simply too many variables in a fall to issue any blanket statement such as "Not wearing a helmet means you're going to be injured/killed vs. wearing one will save your life". Nevermind that "fatality" doesn't include "brain damaged" or "paralized".

No one does a comprehensive analysis that only includes head injuries as the cause of injury or death. A helmet doesn't protect your neck or spine ... I'd wager a number of motorcycle fatalities are caused by factors other than head injuries. Also factor in that alcohol continues to be a huge factor in many motorcycle accidents.

Now ... mind you, I personally would never ride without a helmet, I just don't buy into the BS statistics the various pro and anti helmet law groups use.

- Roach
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