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Since its football season, I will share some nice info about football in its history:

Highest Score - American Football (Non-NFL)
Georgia Tech, of Atlanta, Georgia, USA, scored 222 points (including a record 32 touchdowns), against Cumberland University, Lebanon, Tennessee (who didn't score), on October 7, 1916.(did the other team even show up)

Longest NFL Pass Completion
A pass completion of 99 yards (90.5 m) has been achieved on eight occasions and has always resulted in a touchdown. The most recent was a pass from Brett Favre to Robert Brooks of the Green Bay Packers, playing against the Chicago Bears on September 11, 1995(thats one hell of a arm)

Highest Score In An NFL Championship Game
The highest score in any NFL game is 73 by the Chicago Bears against the Washington Redskins (0) in the 1940 NFL Championship game at Washington on December 8, 1940.( :eek: )

Most Points In A Super Bowl Game
The most points to be scored in a Super Bowl game is 18 by Roger Craig (San Francisco 49ers) in 1985, Jerry Rice (San Francisco 49ers) in 1990 and 1995, Ricky Watters (San Francisco 49ers) in 1995, and Terrell Davis (Denver Broncos) in 1998.

Most Super Bowl Wins
The most Super Bowl wins is five – a record shared by the San Francisco 49ers (1982, 1985, 1989–90, 1995) and the Dallas Cowboys (1972, 1978, 1993–4, 1996).

Most Super Bowl MVPs
Joe Montana, quarterback with the San Francisco 49ers, was voted Most Valuable Player (MVP) in three Super Bowls: 1982, 1985, and 1990. Montana became the first-choice quarterback for the 49ers in 1980 and he enjoyed a spectacularly long and successful career with the team. In 1993 Montana moved to the Kansas City Chiefs. He retired from football the following year.

Most Touchdown Passes In A Super Bowl Career
Joe Montana, of the San Francisco 49ers, threw 11 touchdown passes over his Super Bowl career. He played in a total of Super Bowl games. Joe Montana joined the San Francisco 49ers in 1979 and he became the first choice quarterback the following year.

Most Touchdown Passes In A Super Bowl Game
Steve Young of the San Francisco 49ers threw six touchdown passes in a Super Bowl game in 1995. The 49ers beat their opponents, the San Diego Chargers, by 49 points to 26. Young beat Joe Montana's old record.

NFL Game Wins
The most consecutive game wins by an NFL team is 18 by the New England Patriots between September 28, 2003 and October 24, 2004.

Record Team Score In Super Bowl
The highest Super Bowl team score and record Super Bowl victory margin was when the San Francisco 49ers beat the Denver Broncos 55-10 at New Orleans, Louisiana, on January 28, 1990. It was the Broncos' third embarrassing Super Bowl defeat within four years and their fourth overall.

:D Enjoy the info. :thumbs:

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Need4Speed750 said:
coming from a none sports fan..u must have REALLY been bored today..

I was looking at the guinness book of world records today. Does that tell you anything?? :D

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Tippy said:
Thanks for the info about Football history just think if they have questions about that on Jeopardy you might win the category. :wink:

If I'm lucky enough to get on there sure. LOL :D
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