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***For Sale 99-02 Suzuki SV650 Parts***

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I have lots of parts for sale here for a 1999-2002 Suzuki SV650. Everything must go, so I will be very lenient on the prices, so make me an offer!
Last sunday I threw a rod bearing which damaged the 2 piston rods, and the crankshaft. Everything else on the engine is still in great shape, so if you need something engine wise let me know and make a reasonable offer.
I have some parts that won't have pictures, however inquire about it via PM or email, and I'll let you know if I have it.

Parting out entire 2000 Suzuki SV650 anything will fit 99-02 SV650.

Sub Frame (rear seat rails) $125.00 OBO
Under Tail plastic $10.00 OBO ***SOLD***

Red Gas Tank (two very small dings) $150.00 OBO ***SOLD***

Blue Gas Tank (no dings) $165.00 OBO ***SOLD***

Upper / Lower Triples $35.00 OBO

Rear Wheel (160/60 X17) $200.00 OBO ***SOLD***

Two Front Rotors (Excellent shape) $50.00 OBO
Rear Rotor (Excellent Shape) $45.00 OBO ***SOLD***

Two front brake Calipers $20.00 OBO
Rear brake caliper $15.00

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I believe as he said in his first post...he had some engine problems aka threw a rod bearing!
You'll sell everything.... just do what you can on the forums then take the rest to ebay!
You go SV... so what are we going to change your user name to?
I can understand your logic on all points... selling tons of stuff is amazingly hard. The couple times I have parted out crazy!!

And on buying the new bike after winter! A good idea for us that have winter!
Earlzach said:
rowdyswrench :welcome:

Hope you stick around. :cheers:
:withstupi :welcome: and if you do as he'll discover :twfrox:
Bounce for SV!
SV has updated all of what's left in a new thread for easier purchasing!

See Here!

1 - 7 of 58 Posts
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