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FOR SALE: Full D&D exhaust for 98-04 Katana 600

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I have listed a full D&D exhaust for a 98-04 Katana 600 on Ebay. Sorry that I didn't think of this site first. Here is the listing:

In case the link doesn't work, it's Item number: 2493834864
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Gas Man said:
I wonder how insanely loud that is???

I've known a few with D&D and they were loader then my Yosh. Oh well. I still like my Yosh pipe. :)
Either way Matt. You need to get a pipe and put it on so it sounds better. Xmas needs to come sooner. LOL :)
There you go Matt. And its in Ohio. We can go out to pick it up as well. LOL I'm sure that will go over well. Call the guy to see if he can send you pics of it closer.
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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