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FOR SALE: Full D&D exhaust for 98-04 Katana 600

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I have listed a full D&D exhaust for a 98-04 Katana 600 on Ebay. Sorry that I didn't think of this site first. Here is the listing:

In case the link doesn't work, it's Item number: 2493834864
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Yo Captain..Ive got a 2000 750 Kat...Im also over on KP, or was as the case may be.. please email me the pics of it, as many as you have..or just post them up here if thats easier!!

thank you..ive been looking at a new exhaust...
thanks man!! i'll be in touch! after checking into this further with the other half.
1 bid so far..4 days watching this one..
Im still watching this, but we've something unexpected come up at the house here that might require some xtra green if you sell it b/4 i get a chance to jump on it..dont sweat it..but i'll keep checking it and keep fingers crossed.
GSXR750DJ said:
Either way Matt. You need to get a pipe and put it on so it sounds better. Xmas needs to come sooner. LOL :)
yeah, dont worry, if this one doesnt work out..Santa will be good to me in that department! Or I'll have to run him over! :lol:
Thanks Avery,

I appreciate it.. I really want the full exhaust, but also gotta keep the big picture in mind of us buying a house in the spring, and helping out her dad too. Im watching this item,and am gonna email the guy for more pics/info about it..see how bad those scratches are, but for 40.00, probably cant go wrong either way.

if for some reason, the winner of ur auction bails on you, let me know, i'll see what I can do

1 - 6 of 16 Posts
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