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For sale: HELD GALAXY gloves

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Held Galaxy gloves BRAND NEW size 9.5 (large)

These are my personal items and not the shop's so I can only accept payment by PayPal (bank transfer or credit cards), cash or money orders direct credit cards transactions.

Retails $230 - your price $199.95 (plus shipping, if applicable).
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fatburg said:
$200 for gloves :yikes: ??? Do they cook dinner after you get home from riding?

I'm sure they are great gloves :luck: with the sale.
:withstupi but, I sure have come close to paying that before. :leaving:
moomba said:
That funny...the program censored the Japanese brand. :bonk:
Spell it out using s p a c e s
I was just curious about what the word was to start with.
moomba said:
Clicky here. :cheers:
The page cannot be displayed :cursin:
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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