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Forsake our troops?

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This guy is a complete idiot.. He gets bashed totally though.. It is a funny video..

Michael Crook the idiot
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If you do some searches on the net about this guy. I read that he actually has had multiple death threats and vandalism to his home and other property. The AirForce also took over his site and just posted a link to download the movie, but if you click anywhere else on it the site takes you to an AirForce forum.!
Mudpuppy said:
I think the only way to make the video clip better would be that idiot getting a .45 double tap to the back of the head - good night ****tard...

How stupid or disrespectful can you be? In the first place if you are going to pick someone to disrespect - right or wrong - why the military? Hello - they have MAJOR weapons idiot. Why not pick on the mafia while you are at it? Don't forget the Asian triads. Maybe the bloods and crypts. Throw in a dig on Shug Night. He obviously needs attention and has a death wish.

I feel you on that one MP. I think that he may have been posting and saying this stuff for the "15minutes of fame" factor. Although if I was him, I'd probably pay for major plastic surgery after doing so since you know someone is gonna shoot him. He kind of look like someone from the middle east though. Not trying to stereotype or offend anyone on here though. :sorry:
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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