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Frame Sliders Bend Frames??

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Has anyone heard anything about frame sliders bending a frame in a spill?

I stopped in a shop today looking for some sliders and the guy told me that they may contribute to a bent frame in a spill. Said I would be better off sacrificing my plastic to the asphalt gods...

Personally, I don't like either idea, but I would much rather have to replace plastic than have a bent frame.

Then I started thinking about it and can't remember seeing sliders on any pro bikes (I always figured that was because some sponsor is paying the bills)..

Anyone know anything more about this?
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Properly designed, installed, and crashed-on frame sliders will not bend the frame. The thing to consider is the fact that frame sliders are designed to save the bodywork and frame in a specific kind of crash...a lowside. All they do is offer an alernative sliding surface for the crashing bike. In a crash where the bike does anything more than slide on its side, there is the possibility, even liklihood, that other damage will occur. That includes bending the frame. However, a properly designed slider will include a bolt that is soft enough to bend (or break) with enough side-loading so it doesn't transfer all of the crash energy to the frame.

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