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Frame Sliders

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Thinking about ordering a set of LSL frame sliders for my FZ. Anybody got any experience with these. Just with the half naked think they might look a little nicer as well as being good to have.
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Don't Buy Lp Carbon Inlay Frame Sliders!!!

See Pic For Why!!
twisty said:
Ask Gas he bought lockhearts crap and the bent and cracked the plastic.
Actually I knever bought those, they were freebies!! But they did suck!! :bash:

:sorry: Fat had to do it! :cheers:
bulldogdefensivetacl said:
how often do you wreck???? is it a rush or something to you :wink: :wink: :lol: :lol:
Nope, that's just Twisty... constantly pushin the envelope and himself.... that means crashing alot!

Fat, those look good! Maybe you should do one as a avatar like JK did...
bumblebee said:
Frame sliders are good protection...Gas man's look like they took a real hit!
Seen this thread again... never did answer ya Bee... the pic of my LP slider was the slider that fell victum of the "deer incident" :bash:
twisty said:
Like I told you when you bought them, They are crap. :wink:
Man o man... you don't have a good memory...must be from all those times in crash situations.... I got them for free. As I stated earlier in the thread... :lol:
1 - 6 of 30 Posts
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