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Free magazines

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I don't know how legit these are, but in the past I've had success. I get TVGuide, Maxim, Blender, Stuff all for free.

NEW Maxim Magazine (2yr sub)

NEW Stuff Magazine (2yr sub)

Stuff Magazine (1yr - for renewals only) + the one above = 3 yrs

Big Rig Owner Magazine (1yr sub)

Computer Shopper Magazine (1yr sub - digital format)

NEW CE Lifestyles (6mth sub)

Estylo Magazine (1yr sub)

Scuba Diving Magazine (1yr)

MAXIM Magazine (1yr)

Biography (Channel) Magazine (1 yr sub)

Assets Magazine (1 yr sub)

Drive Performance Magazine (2 year sub)

Go Boating Magazine (1 yr sub)

American Baby Magazine (1 year sub)

Travel America Magazine (1 year sub)

Wine Enthusiast Magazine (1 year sub)

Remedy Magazine (3 year sub)

Muscle Car News Magazine (1 year sub)

Redmond Magazine

New England Bride Magazine (1 year sub)

Computer Gaming Magazine (1 yr sub)

Dance Magazine (1 yr sub)

Caribbean Adventure Magazine (1 yr sub)

Military & Aerospace Electronics Magazine (digital or print format)

Discovery Medicine Magazine (1 yr sub)

Digital Juice Magazine

Baseline Magazine (free 1 yr sub - $205 value)

Fly Tyer Magazine (free 1 yr sub)

TechNet Magazine (1 yr sub)

Upscale Magazine (1 yr sub)

Network World Magazine &/or Network Life Magazine

Permission to Hunt's Ultimate Outdoors Magazine (1 yr sub)

Interview Magazine (1 yr sub)

Life Extension Magazine (1yr)

Music Tracks Magazine (1 yr sub)

Automotive Engineering Magazine

Golf Week Magazine (1yr sub)

LEGO Kids Magazine (2 yr sub)

Motorcycle Product News Magazine (USA & Canada)

FireHouse Magazine

Vitals Magazine

The New York Observer Newspaper (1 yr sub)

Antiques Magazine

Game Developer Magazine

EF&P Magazine (for EMT's / Paramedics /etc)

Money Magazine (1 yr sub)

SYNC Magazine (1yr)

Bicycling Magazine (1 year sub)

Budget Living Magazine

CADBlocks CD-Rom Subscription

College Parent Magazine (1 year sub)

Southern Gaming & Destinations Magazine

Electronic Design Magazine

Food Arts Magazine (1yr sub)

Packet Magazine

FHM Magazine (1yr sub - still active)[/url]

Home Business Magazine (1yr sub) <- good magazine
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they're generally legit. I get stuff, maxim, and FHM. YEP, I'M A PIG!!! All free for the past 2 years now. What it is (I have a friend who works in advertising and he told me why they do it), the mags don't make money from the news stand or your paid subscription. OK, they make a little but not much. IT's all advertising. So, the more mags they need to print to get out to customers (paid or not) and into the stores, the more they can charge a company big money for advertising. Therefore, give us the mags and jack up the advertising costs because they're getting more mags out to the public.
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