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With the migration of a lot of new riders to the site, I was thinking that we need an advice thread. Not on what bikes to buy or what, but on riding. Little tips that you won't pick up in most places, but that are learned by riding. Perhaps when we get a good amount we can make a list and sticky it or something.. So I'll get us started.

Tar Snakes- learn them, what they are, and when they are sticky or slippery.
Most of the time they are fine, but get out on em in the heat
and its a whole new ride.

Pavement Stickers- The big white land yellow lines painted or stuck on to the
streets.. Watch out for them, they are slippery as hell!
Some more than others! Keep throttle to a minimum
when you are turning and going over one.

Kickstand- They sink! Use a crused can or a plastic disc or something on hot

Getting Gas- Grab a paper towel before you start pumping, hole the nozzle
with it. Wipe as you pull out, no gas on your tanky :D

Ok so theres a start. WHat do we got?

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Air Pressure Conversion

good idea POD. i was going to start something similar but i'll do it here. i try to collect formulas when i can, heres some math-

kPa= psi x 6.89476

kg/cm2= psi x 14.223343

bar= kg/cm2 x 0.980655

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Here's another I thought of:

Gravel! Its usually more likely to be in a right hand corner as opposed to a left. Rights are wehre the cages cant freakin steer well enough to go around a corner, so they cut onto the shoulder and kick gravel all over. Also on rights, the oncoming traffic will be more likely to pull the same crap, but instead of on the shoulder they will be in your lane.

Left hand corners on the other hand, less chance of there being some gravel, but don't be the guy that is hanging his head 3 feet into the oncoming lane by cutting real close to the center line with your tires!

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itgirl25 said:
make sure the front tire is straight and the bike is straight up and down before coming to a stop in the taco bell parking lot in front of all your friends. :wink:
Watch those oily parking spots as well. Stopping traction and footing are marginal at best.
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