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Hey guys,

Just trying to see if anyone might want a deal before I go on ebay. Will post image if there is an inquiry to see an item. Replaced everything damaged because I went the insurance route, so some things are barely damaged and scratched that weren't very noticeable.

Blue gas tank (small dent on right lower side)
Blue Front Cowl Fairing (scratched/cracked)
Blue Left side only Rear Cowl (slightly scratched, could be buffed out)
Blue Front Tire Hugger (slight scratched, could be buffed out)
Left side mirror (scratched)
Windshield (not sure why it was replaced, just looks used with bugs and rock dings)
Kickstand (scratched)
Left side rear passenger peg (slightly scratched)
Left side radiator cover (don't see anything wrong with it)
Left side grip and bar end (bar end scratched)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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