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hi all,
i have a 2003 aprilia rs50 up for sale.
this thing is mint with only 1300 original miles.there not the fastest bike on the block but probably the most bang for the buck you will ever have.
it is a twostroke with a 6 speed transmission, handles like a dream in the twisties.this is the 2003 italian model meaning exactly what it says it was purchased in italy and shipped to the states.
for those of you who know anything about these little bikes they are pretty hard to come by with usually no more than 5 or 6 used ones throughout the entire country on cycletrader,craigslist ,or any forum at any given time.
aany questions please contact me at [email protected]
or give me a ring on my cell at 443-466-6783
bike is located in maryland about 30 min. from baltimore.
thanks for looking

$3100.00 obo

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I've started to buy one on several occasions but always talk my self out of it.
What's the reason for the sale?
New bike on the horizon?
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