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Heads up....anybody looking to get an awesome track bike, this might be a deal for you. A nice guy I know who I have ridden with before, Tom Monahan has a Suzuki 600 R for sale. It has won and put the AMA racer, Jonas McCluskey on the podium. Sounds like a good deal.

Tom said that when he was on the track with Jonas, he ripped right by him on the straights, even though Tom was on a 'busa! He said this track bike is very, very fast.



600 R Suzuki black track bike ready to go with newer tires for track use only. Front forks rebuilt last fall.

An extra set of rims are included with mounted rain tires.

Extra engine on pallet included in deal. Other extras included.

Bike was originally owned an raced by AMA Racer Jonas McCluskey #777. (He took the podium a few times with that bike in 2003.

Entire package $5500.

James at Brighton Superbike modified and tuned the engine. Check with him what was done internally.


Ann Arbor 734.260.5038
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