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Fun Factor- an unlikely comparison

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It was a nice warm (50's) day here in reno and dry so i decided to take the old EX500 out just to get some new fluids in the carb, some cleaner and such for the winter. While i was out on it i remembered somethings about that bike since i have been riding the Z1000 so long now.

Z1000 Vs EX500 Clutch:
The Z1000 is smooth, and doesnt like to shift clutchless at high revs.
The EX500 shifts flawlessly at high revs, and thus pulls hard at every shift.
The clutch engages like a double plate heavy duty offroad clutch, almost all or nothing..makes for a invigorating ride.

Z1000 Vs EX500 Launch
Mainly due ot the clutch the EX500 was actually more fun to launch. The Z1000 is so smooth engaging a off the line wheelie is harder to do, takes aobut 5 feet of forward travel before the wheel lifts. Granted im sorta afraid to redline the Z and dump it where the EX500 running at high elevation is overly rich and loses a significant amount of power at hte elevation. But hwne u do dump it it rips ya in the seat harder then the Z1000 off the line

Overall: The Z1000 stomps the EX500 on the dragstrip for a ET...who knew right? But put the times and trap speeds aside and the fun factor at the strip of the Ex500 is a thrill, wheelie at the line and hard firm shifts that make u feel like u are going much faster. It is the winner in a all around fun at the strip comparison.
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i sitll have my EX500 and the Z1000, i belvie ill keep the EX500 for a while... cheaper for a commuter bike, not worth a ton to sell, and i can run Bt45's on the 500 and Bt14's on the Z1000 that way im not wasting expensive soft tires more often then needed. a Bt45 in 130/70/15 is pretty cheap and after aobut 4K miles or so on the Bt45s theres no sign of wear this tire will make it 20K miles im guessing..... nice touring tire and good grip for a bike with crap suspension like hte EX.... i haven o intent on gettign rid of the EX too soon, its just plain fun for a 63RWHP bike
plus gas mileage is superb... i cna actually make it 200miles on the EX....
Plus i want ot race my friends SV650 form a 100mph roll on... i think my EX is actually faster then the stock SV at top end.. he tops bout 135 and my EX tachs out... and has power to boot at 145mph
1 tooth geared down in the rear... plus 10 series bigger rear tire.. makes the overall gearing just a hair over stock... and the bike tachs out... not power U ever make it to Cali and u cna test ride my 145 MPH joke itll do it. if i geared back up it would prob power out but overall the bikes not the fastest 500 trackbike for to top it does it.
with stock size tres and one down gearing in the rear it tach'd jsut a few miles less then stock did but 137-140 just wasnt quite fast enough, the accel want hard enough to miss the slight loss, but the extra top speed was nice since form the threads on the 500 it said a nicely modded one would hit 145... so that became my goal. Almost sent it to BRG to get the 6 kit and .410 lift cams on it... but hten after 6000$ or so i figured why not buy a new bike rather then a 11 second 150 mph 500. ill stick with my high 12s 500 and mid ten Z1000.
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