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Gafler Green Brake Pads for sale!

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I have a set of brake pads (front & rear). Gafler Greens. They were originally ordered "for my bike" about a year ago. When I got them out to put on my 9R on the front....they weren't the correct ones. :cursin:

My bad luck is better for you. I'll sell the front set, that's 2 sets or 4 pads for $25 and the rears for $10.

I got fitments from Gafler:

99-current Busa's
98-99 TL1000R
96-01 ZX-9R
01-02 GSXR 1000
96-99 GSXR 750

99-current Busa's
all TL1000R & S
96-03 GSXR 750
97-03 GSXR 600

If you are interested in these please email, or PM me. :dthumb:
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Gas--- if they'll fit the Z1000 ill take em.. i share many parts with the Zx9 form the motor to swingarm but not sure if the pads and calipers are the same.. if u cna see if they fit i'll buy em
gas man

the Z1000 has very nice breaks, got money on brakes but not suspension, so I'd assume im actually the same brakes as the 02 Zx9R... so i'll just have to get some later, oh well, only 4400 mi on the bike, so wont need em anytime soon. Good luck with your buyer as well as the front.
Gasman- you and your pics

i like that snow pic, think u can email me that one? again i wont use it here.. or anywhere else really, i just like having em on my comp. The Ducati girl one was my background for a couple weeks. [email protected] if you have time
I always new my fellow Kawi ppl were cooler htne Suzuki Faster. But maybe im just cocky cuz i got a hella of a buzz going...if youve never had TGI fridays orange dream with extra vodka your missing out.
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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