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Gallery images must now be approved

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When you upload photos to the gallery, they may not appear immediately. To ensure the photos are categorized properly I've enabled moderation of images.

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This should get interesting!
SVupON1 said:
I guess bee will have to wait until tomorrow...because this is what I got for uploading like 20 pics... :lol:
I got you SV!! All approved! :dthumb:
Sounds like excuses! :D
bumblebee said:
I know... :lol: Nothing sucks worse than a little responsibility getting in the way of your :whore: 'ing right? :wink:
NO DOUBT! :lol:
Darth Quagmire said:
is there a members pics gallery?
Yes, click gallery. Then on the far left there should be the words "My gallery" then select upload on the right side. Then upload your pics that will go under your member gallery.

I believe that is what you wanted to know not what Shan told you.. :D
Um OK? :scratch:
1 - 6 of 22 Posts
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