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Gallery images must now be approved

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When you upload photos to the gallery, they may not appear immediately. To ensure the photos are categorized properly I've enabled moderation of images.

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I understand, but when I want something posted up right away I want it now! :doh:
itgirl25 said:
shan just wants to get the first look at the good stuff. j/k :wink:
well I guess I am going to find out now...I'm going to walk over to the desktop and post up my left over parts from the SV. Just to make bee happy :lol:
I guess bee will have to wait until tomorrow...because this is what I got for uploading like 20 pics... :lol:
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Gas Man said:
I got you SV!! All approved! :dthumb:
yeah I saw that...25 new emails in my outlook!...I will have to wait to do the thread when I get off work at 3:30p...its just getting to bee...the process is comming...just slowly. :lol:
bumblebee said:
I know... :lol: Nothing sucks worse than a little responsibility getting in the way of your :whore: 'ing right? :wink:
:iagree: :iagree: :iagree: :whore: :twfrox:
1 - 5 of 22 Posts
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