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gas mileage

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after 3 fill-ups, I calculated 43 mpg on my 2005 gsxr 750.
cruising range of around 145 miles before the low fuel light engages.
this is from normal commute to work and back.
i was expecting to see it around 35 mpg.

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ebbs15 said:
that's not bad at all! how long is your commute? light traffic?
it's 24.3 miles one way. a good 75mph on a 55 zone (following behind traffic). but 1/3 of the section is stop'n go traffic lights. the fun part is cruising through the orange orchids on a curvy hilly stretch of road. there are hills in central florida, that's why i moved here.

i get caught in evening rush hour traffic about twice a week.
also note: i rarely get pass 8k rpm. (mostly around 5-6k).

1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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