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Gassing your ride

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I usually pull up and stay on the bike. It's probably not a good idea since any spilled gas on the engine would result in a fire with me attached. To me, it's just easier.

How do you gas your ride?
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I usually pick a dimly lit pump close to an exit. Hell yes I stay on the bike - how else can you gas and go? Here is my order of things:

1. Lock up the back brake past the pump
2. Back up
3. Grab the nozzle and shove it in the tank
4. Fill it until I can see gas (sometimes a lighter is required when it is dark)
5. Leave the pump going (that is so they don't know you just stole gas) and throw it on the ground (try not to throw it at a cop car)
6. Do a burnout in the spilled gas and take off like a bat out of hell flipping the bird to the unsuspecting attendant and the closed circuit camera

But remember - driveoffs don't drive in Michigan.. lol..

Oh and remember to turn the vehicle off when refilling or end up like this guy:
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How ironic is that image you put up!!! :eek:

Match light!! LMFAO
MP, you are one crazy cracker foucker!! Got to do nuttin but love that shiet!!!
Gas Man said:
MP, you are one crazy cracker foucker!! Got to do nuttin but love that shiet!!!
I bet he's a blast when all you guys go out riding!! :D
He's somin...but he is WAY worse on the email than any where else...isn't that right MP! Paul is nothing compared to MP, almost like a dual personality...LOL!!

Another GREAT ONE!!!

21 - 26 of 26 Posts
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