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Gears for new rider advice

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I am new to riding, and looking to get new gears and all advice are appreciated.

I want to be protected as much as I possible. What you guys thinks about the following gears:

1- Boots: Sidi Vertrebra 2 Air Boot

2- Jacket: Moto GP Apex Leather Jacket

3- pants: Moto GP Apex Leather Pant

4- helmet Nolan N100E Vintage Helmet

5- gloves: not decied yet, any recomendations?

I know most of the previous gears are for tracks, but I beleive that highways are more dangrous than tracks. Safty for me is number one, looks is number two, and price is number three

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Firstly...before GasMan beats me here...go to the local dealers and TRY EVERTHING ON...Forget about names or brands or prices...gear won't work if it doesn't fit...When you have found equipment that fits properly, then start looking for deals...

Darn it GasMan... :cursin: you beat me again... :lol:
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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