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Gears for new rider advice

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I am new to riding, and looking to get new gears and all advice are appreciated.

I want to be protected as much as I possible. What you guys thinks about the following gears:

1- Boots: Sidi Vertrebra 2 Air Boot

2- Jacket: Moto GP Apex Leather Jacket

3- pants: Moto GP Apex Leather Pant

4- helmet Nolan N100E Vintage Helmet

5- gloves: not decied yet, any recomendations?

I know most of the previous gears are for tracks, but I beleive that highways are more dangrous than tracks. Safty for me is number one, looks is number two, and price is number three

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I have seen a few MotoGP suits and jackets, including a Roo suit and they were ok. Didn't seem to be A* quality but not bad.

Gloves... I just got a set of A* SP1..full length and they are Freakin awesome..
Of coarse I do!! DUH!!

But Bee is right... try eveything on... window shop at a MC shop if you have to!
Really Rec for $49....
DANG IT!! I missed them... wish I would have seen them...I'm looking for a set!
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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