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Gas Man said:
I wouldn't let my impressionable son anywhere near a bunch of hogs. Wouldn't want the poor boy to get the wrong idea.

But with that aside, maybe you should ride your sportbike there... :lol:
WTF are you talking about Gasman? I thought you didn't have any kids? Am I missing something here. I have hung with the hogs before and yes I would ride on if I had the opportunity - why not? it is a bike afterall.

The problem I have with hog riders are the cruiser wannabes - that is your garden variety dentist, $100k + a year, middle to older guy who worked his whole life as a slub and now wants to put on leathers and pretend to be a bad ass on his hog. What a joke. Those are the mfrs I cut off.

The real HD riders though are cool by me. I am referring to the Jokers, Scorpions, Outlaws - they are some of the coolest mfrs I have ever met and I have utmost respect for any and all of them. I try to make it to Harley Fest every Summer with my Yamaha and hang at my friend Eric's house with like 100 hogs.. Good times..
1 - 2 of 27 Posts
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