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Pigface1 said:
The past few wrecks I've seen on the roads have been older people on cruisers.

I think as a whole *most* sport bike riders put a lot more thought into the sort of skills they have, what their bike can and can't do, etc. (although, that's typically an older crowd. . the teenager/early 20s crowd I see are idiots generally) Where as the cruiser types that are just getting bikes took their course and then they apparently forget everything they learned. If you don't wear gear, you're just asking to get hurt IMO.
I think you're onto something here. The older HD riders get to be more complacent (sp?) when it comes to riding so they ride with their t-shirt & leather vest (does alot of good, NOT), their brain bowl, and shorts. Why are they worried, they're not going over the 70mph speed limit and only commuting between home and work. They're not racing around on a crotch rocket, they'll be just fine, they've been doing it for "X" number of years!

UMMMM OK!! SORRY FOR YOUR BAD LUCK YOU ARSEHOLE!!! I hope you like skin graphs and brain matter on the outside of your melon! DIP SHIET!! :cursin: :cursin: :crazy: :rant: :smash:

:sorry: I'm all better now... :chill: taken!
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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