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Get Your Bush Wanted Posters Free

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You can print out your own Bush wanted posters :thumbs:
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Need4Speed750 said:
oh doubt! :thumbs: but as long it's just something for people to laugh about, we'll let it go... *keeping fingers crossed*

I don't care what guy is in office right now. I know in 08 Mudpuppy will take over and that makes me
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Looks like this may turn into another ending thread. :D
Pigface1 said:
ps: You guys need to relax. If you get upset at every thread you don't like on a forum, then you're not going to enjoy being on the net very long. lol

Seeing how I work for an ISP provider and live on the net...I am going to have to say your little theory of me not enjoy the net very long just went down as fast and hard as the damn Titantic did in April 15, 1912.

Click this :D
Need4Speed750 said:
people people people..this is supposed to be a thread about how the europeans feel about bush..............

but atleast nobody is screaming at each other, so thats a plus.. :lol: :lol:
This is what I found out how they feel about him.

click this
Love the ending. Nice. :dthumb: He was worse them bost beiotchs with there hair. :D
Pigface1 said:
Bunnies huh.
It gave it a nice touch don't you think?? :lol:
I don't remember watching that show as a kid. I would have remembered that one. :lol:
1 - 7 of 97 Posts
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