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My bro's girl just bought a Hyo 250 this weekend. He brought it by the house Sunday so I could see it. It's nice. Look like a solid bike. I didn't ride it cuz dinner was on the grill.
well I guess it's more the reliability that's in question... on paper it looks like it's LOADS better than the Ninja 250... but it's the reliability that ninja sells on

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The Triumph dealer here just started selling the hyosung this year... they wanted some entry level bikes to sell and Triumph doesnt make any. The 250 looks WAY better then the EX thats for sure. Their Gt650 is really cool too, i'd take it over a SV if im buying on looks.
I think its cool they are gettign out there and dealerships are selling them all over the country now. Another big manufacturer can only help. Be nice when they get enough money built up to develop a real superbike.
21 - 37 of 37 Posts
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