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Give your valentine a heart

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Ace said:
Just a thought to ponder, but with the TONS of silly, pointless links and websites many come across each day and put up a new thread (pushing others to the bottom) I would htink a "useless links to visit" thread should start. Perfect place for link like above, etc. BUt then again I am nothing but :spam:
Goin after Boss Man.... damn Ace...go get him big shot! Shan look out!! :lol:

On a side note, I can see what Ace is saying but, I'll be damned if I'm going after the admin... :lol: :dupe:
Ace said:
I'm not "going after" anyone. Gave my opinion, the board "god" sees different (obviously since many of the link threads are theirs). And thats it. Sorry for trying to make the world a better place. LOL
<Side not, this would be a better place if there was some porn!> :jacked:
You know that I'm just bust ya ballz!

And you're right, porn would be great!!!
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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