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DETROIT -- Even if you can't afford an Escalade, a Cadillac can still be your ride. But you'll have to supply the horsepower -- or make that pedal power.

GM is now offering a Cadillac-brand line of bicycles. The Caddy crest is on the seat and the front of the frame.

Cadillac General Manager Ron Lippner said the bikes are in select shops, with wider distribution expected in the next few months. Cadillac officials said some dealers may be giving the bikes away to help close a car deal or as a premium for their sales people.

The Caddy bikes are offered in a number of styles, including drop-handlebar racing types and mountain bikes. Prices range from $500 to about $1,900.

There was no word, though, if you'll be able to get custom spinning rims for the Cadillac bikes.

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When You Said Cadillac Bike...

I was thinking more along the lines of the 70's classic pimp-mobile cadillac bike as pictured below...

Now THATS A Cadillac Bike!:D
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