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GO Blue!!!!

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Michigan FOOTBALL!!! The forth quarter in Michigan's standard upsets.

1 second on the clock
down by 4 points
4th and 4
on the 15


ESPN Article and stats

Wolverines hand Penn State first loss this season

ANN ARBOR, Mich. (AP) -- Penn State might be back, but it still can't beat Michigan.

Chad Henne threw his second touchdown pass to Mario Manningham with no time left to lift the Wolverines to a thrilling 27-25 victory over the eighth-ranked Nittany Lions on Saturday.

The Wolverines (4-3, 2-2 Big Ten) avoided their worst record in mid-October since 1967. Penn State (6-1, 3-1) fell out of sole possession of first place in the conference with its seventh straight loss in the series.

Michael Robinson scored his second touchdown with 53 seconds left to give the Nittany Lions a 25-21 lead, but Steve Breaston returned the ensuing kickoff to midfield to set up the game-winning score.

A second was left on the clock when Henne took the last snap and connected with Manningham in the middle of the end zone.

The crowd of 111,249 went wild and it seemed like Michigan's entire team piled on Manningham at Penn State's 25 to celebrate.

It couldn't have been a more exciting second half -- with both teams taking what appeared to be commanding leads -- after Michigan led 3-0 at halftime.

Penn State scored 15 points in 17 seconds -- on Robinson's run and a fumble return for a score -- to take an 18-10 lead early in the fourth quarter. But Michigan quickly responded with Henne's 33-yard TD pass to Manningham and Mike Hart's 2-point conversion run.

After forcing Penn State to punt, the Wolverines got the ball back at their 42.

Garrett Rivas easily made a 47-yard kick with 3:45 left to put Michigan ahead 21-18 one week after missing two field goals in the second half in a 23-20 loss to Minnesota.

Two plays later, Leon Hall stepped in front of Robinson's pass -- his first interception in 104 attempts -- and the Wolverines had the ball at Penn State's 40.

Michigan lined up for a 51-yard kick, but had Rivas punt and it went just 16 yards to Penn State's 19.

With no timeouts left, the Nittany Lions drove down the field -- with Robinson running for a first down on a fourth-and-7 from Michigan's 39 -- and their elusive quarterback scored on his second draw for a go-ahead score.

The Wolverines then made just enough plays and had just enough time to earn the victory they desperately needed.

Hart ran for 108 yards and a score while Henne was 21-of-36 for 212 yards with two TDs and a fumble.

Robinson completed 19 of 34 for 239 yards with an interception and ran for 67 yards with two scores and a fumble, Penn State's first turnover after 11 quarters without one. Tony Hunt ran for 102 yards.
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that was simply AWE-some! not a well played game by the Wolverines - they should have beat them by at least 20 but hey I will take the well needed victory especially over the clowns of Penn State - DOWN with the Nittany Lions.. I hope this is their first loss of many.. Wolverines still have a shot at the big 10 - simply incredible.. anyone see the last second victory by Wisconsin over Minnesota? simply amazing.. all they had to do was punt it and they screwed that up.. doh! :yikes:

and a big thumbs up to Gasman for starting this thread - GO BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See you next time in the big house Joe - next time bring a case of crying towels because you are going to need them - you and your gay lions..
itgirl25 said:
regardless of penn state's loss, the fact remains that they are still ranked. where is michigan ranked again? it was a nailbiter of a game though. gotta love college ball!

PS i'm not really a penn state fan, but if they keep playing this well they will at the very least earn my respect, but that's about it.
we will see tomorrow where they are ranked.. and HELL NO was it a good game - pathetic showing by both teams and especially piss poor play calling by Carr.. Terrible game.. It was "exciting" for those non-fans that don't understand the game.. But it was a pathetic display of football like the Lions today.. Let me ask you this - how many times since 1994 when Penn State joined the Big Ten have they won the Big Ten??? Umm 1!!! :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :dupe: :doh: :yikes: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Did I need to tell you how many times the Wolverines have won it since then? I will spare you the pain.. LOSERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Penn State does and always will SUCK.. The cream rose to the top yesterday and the BETTER team won.. HAIL TO THE VICTORS - CHAMPIONS OF THE MFR WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cheers:
Ace said:
CharlieMavCBR said:
F* Michigan!!! They got lucky!!!!

Funny how Carr bitched and got 2 seconds added to the clock a few plays before. They always pull that crap off. I initially wanted Michigan to win and break Penn States undefeated season. But about 3 minutes into the game I decided regardless I cannot root for UM. I dislike everything about them. The Campus, the sports, Students that went there, all the way down to the PWT fans, most who never attended the university nor have any clue where Ann Arbor is. But oh well, Rose Bowl is not going to happen for them, perhaps they will enjoy the Motor City Bowl. :lol:
Shut up Sparty boy. Go grow some grass or fug a cow or something. If they go to the Motor City Bowl they will know what MSU's season is like every year.. Hell Wolverines can still win the big ten there chief - don't count them out.. oh in 2004 they had 3 losses (of course only 1 in big ten and so far 2 this year but not unlikely) but they still took it.. Don't count them out yet - but you can count out the choking on their own puke good for nothing Spartans..

And Gasman if you think that game wasn't bad maybe you should attend practice at both schools this week and hear the coaches kill mfrs for their poor performance.. Obviously in between chopper shopping for new chaps and a big dawg you infrequently glanced at the scoreboard..


You know what I agree with? You clowns don't have a fugging clue.. But what's new..
pickle.of.doom said:
Hehe I must've had perfect timing then... When I got home from riding Saturday I turned on the TV just in time for the final play... Got to see the good and miss all the bad it sounds like! Unfortunately I sat my ass in front of the TV for the whole Lions game... but we won't bring that up :D
hell i was there to suffer the pain of another Joey Ballgame shiiit game.. DOH! Lions suck..
itgirl25 said:
i'm a fightin' irish fan. talk about hangin' tough last saturday! maybe they can teach the wolverines a thing or two. (hee hee)
I hate the Irish but I was pulling for them to beat USC..

I will ignore the ignorant f*ck michigan comment especially considering the source..
how many weeks are they going to win in overtime? the last 3 games have been determined in the final seconds and overtime.. damn.. MSU, Minnesota, Penn State, Iowa.. My heart can't take this shiiiznit..
Northwestern? PFFFFFFFFFFT. Wow how over-rated was MSU this year? WAY over-rated I guess. They lost to Northwestern? Top of the Big Ten in stats this year? The Big Ten must suck then because Northwestern is a joke. 33-17 - take that bitches. Wolverines are taking the big ten and teabagging Wisconsin on their way to doing it.
Gas Man said:
:nonod: :flush:
:iagree: :withstupi

Hell yes - 41-14 another Blue victory. Now there is one of two things left to do - down with the f**keyes and on to a bowl victory! After a shiiiity start it has turned out to be a damn good season.. What would be sweet is a Nittany defeat to ice the cake and give the Wolverines the big ten they so deserve.. :cheers:
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